International Journal of Business and Marketing Management
Volume 6 Issue 1 Page 1 - 2. October 2018

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Complex Fuzzy Decision Theory- Bays Fuzzy Decision Rule on no Data Problem

Houju Hori Jr.

Selected Chief in Hiyoshi Shrine into Mt. Hiei


Hori (nee Uemura) and colleagues formalized decision-making methods in fuzzy events and probabilistic differential equations in fuzzy events and solved them to derive a Markov decision process in fuzzy events in a no data problem. This is Bays-Fuzzy Decision Rule which is developed by the Shinto's concept of evil as a unique technique in Japan with the soul of KIDO (in Japanese) based on the beliefs of nature God and having the heart of esoteric religion. For example, considering the mapping of the invisible world like a bill or a tile to a visible world, a mythical world composed of demon families (Prince Shotoku clan and Soga clan) It is a peculiar fuzzy theoretic subjective Bays theory unique to Japan constructed and positioned as a modern society of the Markov decision-making world map. Here, we will briefly describe the background of constructing Complex Fuzzy Decision Theory in this paper.


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