Discourse Journal of Educational Research

The Discourse Journal of Educational Research is a peer-review online journal providing a forum for educators, education leaders, scholars, students, and policy makers to address the current topics in the field of education from a global perspective. The Journal welcomes articles on analysis of educational, policy and practice across disciplines, and their implication for teaching, learning, and policy making and the topics of education and a variety of disciplines to include sociology, anthropology, economics, and a broader scope of cultural studies as they relate to education. Articles should focus on studies and systematic analyses that employ qualitative, quantitative, plural (mixed-methods), and theoretical methodologies from an international scope.

Aim and Scope

The Discourse Journal of Educational Research publishes original, peer review articles from throughout the world dealing with all area of education. It publishes articles on psychological, sociological, economic and organisational aspects of education, as well as evaluation studies of curriculum development in these fields. Its main aim is to allow specialists working in these areas the opportunity of publishing their findings for the benefit of institutions, teachers and students, government/policy makers as it relate to education, researchers and other stakeholders who can access and utilize the evidences to improve the quality of education and services. It is hoped that the journal will encourage high quality research that will lead to more effective practices, behaviours and curricula education and related areas,

ISSN: 2346-7045