Discourse Journal of Agriculture and Food Sciences
Volume 6 Issue 1 Page 1 - 10. January 2018

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Ibrahim H, Yakubu, S and Joshua, A

Isolation and Identification of Bacteria from Processed Vernonia Amygdalina Leaves sold in Some Markets around Kaduna Metropolis

Department of Biological Sciences, Kaduna State University, KadunaState, Nigeria



Vernonia amygdalina is a member of the Asteraceae family, it is a highly appreciable vegetable in west and central Africa consumed in various dishes. It is one of the varieties of vegetables sold in several markets in kaduna metropolis, this study was carried out to isolate and identify bacteria associated with washed Vernonia amygdalina sold in Sabo, Maraban-rido and Ungwan-rimi markets. A total of 30 samples were analysed (10 from each market) yielding 49 bacteria isolates which were identified using gram staining and a total of 8 biochemical tests (Catalase, Indole, Oxidase, Methyl red, Voges-Proskauer, Urease and Triple sugar iron agar tests). The result obtained from this study has indicated the bacteria isolated from this vegetables belong to seven different genera; Staphyloccocus spp. (36%) was the most frequently isolated followed by Escherichia coli (27%), Klebsiella spp. (13%), Salmonella spp. (11%), Bacillus spp. (9%), Shigella spp. (2%) and Proteus spp. (2%). This isolates have been at one point linked to illness and diseases associated with food.

Keywords: Bacteria and Vernonia amygdalina

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