Discourse Journal of Agriculture and Food Sciences
Volume 6 Issue 3 Page 17 - 24. July 2018

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Okoye, J. I and Egbujie, A. E

Nutritional and Sensory Properties of Maize-Based Complementary Foods Fortified with Soybean and Sweet Potato Flours

Department of Food Science and Technology, Enugu State University


Low-cost, nutritive and bulk-reduced complementary foods formulated from the blends of malted maize, soybean and sweet potato flour were evaluated for proximate, mineral and sensory properties. The protein, fat, ash and crude fibre contents increased significantly (p<0.05) from 8.510.07 - 12.200.03%, 2.090.01 – 2.970.07%, 1.910.01 – 3.180.08% and 2.330.01 – 3.180.08%, respectively as the ratios of soybean and sweet potato flours increased in the formulations, while the carbohydrate and energy contents decreased. The control sample without soybean and sweet potato flours substitution (100% malted maize flour) had the highest carbohydrate (78.820.11%) and energy (368.130.58KJ/100g) contents. The mineral content of the samples revealed that the calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, zinc and magnesium contents also increased with increased substitution of soybean and sweet potato flours from 9.080.02 – 12.320.14 mg/100g, 5.400.08 – 6.080.05 mg/100g, 4.550.05 – 5.320.14 mg/100g, 3.650.01 – 4.610.07 mg/100g, 3.70+0.12 – 4.30+0.02 mg/100g and 3.470.12 – 4.150.01 mg/100g, respectively. The sensory attributes: colour, taste, mouth-feel and texture of the control sample were significantly (p<0.05) the most acceptable to the assessors compared to the samples substituted with soybean and sweet potato flours at different levels. However, the study showed that the maize-based complementary foods supplemented with soybean and sweet potato flours could help to alleviate the problem of protein-energy malnutrition that is prevalent among infants and children in developing countries by providing them with adequate nutrients needed for optimum growth, development and well-being during the period of complementary feeding.

Keywords: Complementary foods, fortification, proximate composition, mineral content, sensory properties, maize flour, soybean flour, sweet potato flour

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