Discourse Journal of Agriculture and Food Sciences
Volume 7 Issue 1 Page 10 - 17. JULY 2019

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Assessment of Production Potential and Prospects of Dairy Cooperatives in Gondar Town

Assefa Adane, Gashaw Misganaw and Esubalew Molla


This study was conducted in Gondar town to assess production potential and challenges of dairy cooperatives. Three dairy cooperatives were selected purposively and total of 60 (20 from each cooperative) sample respondents were selected by systematic random sampling. Both primary and secondary sources of data were utilized to collect both quantitative as well as qualitative data. Household survey through semi structured interview schedule, key informant interview and focus group discussions were principally used to gather relevant data. Through the aid of SPSS version16 descriptive statistics like, mean and percentage were used to analyze the collected data. As result 32.26%, 35.5% and 32.2% from Enatna lijoch, Tagleh edge and Yewotet ray dairy cooperatives respectively reported as the milk production potential of dairy cows was low. According to the reports from the members of the three cooperatives, milk marketing has higher demand in the town. However, the respondents faced several production problems. The major production and processing problems listed by the sampled cooperative members were lack of supply of concentrate feed, lack of milk processing facilities and skills, insufficient production area, unpredictable marketing system specially during fasting season lack of water availability, poor milk production potentials of dairy cows, lack of storing and transporting equipment, milk quality testing laboratory and well organized milk shop of most cooperatives. The average amount of milk supplied for market per day per cooperative was 160 liters and 40 liters for yoghurt. In non-fasting season, Demand is always above the supply. However, during fasting season only 100-120 liters of milk and 20-35 liters of yoghurt could sell to the consumers out of the supplied amounts in lower price. Therefore, urgent solution is required to save surplus milk either in the form of extending a suitable market linkage or fulfilling necessary inputs for processing it into different milk varieties like: cheese, ghee, and butter.

Keywords: Dairy cooperatives; Dairy products variety; Milk-processing; Production potential.

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