Discourse Journal of Agriculture and Food Sciences
Volume 7 Issue 1 Page 1 - 9. JUNE 2019

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Food characterization and Nutritional Value of Aframomum giganteum and Aframomum alboviolaceum



The objective of this study is to determine the nutritional and nutritional value of Aframomum marketed in Brazzaville. A consumer survey of Aframomum fruits was conducted among 150 consumers and chemical analyzes were performed. The results reveal that out of the 150 buyers surveyed, the representative population was between 25 years old and 29 years old (31.1%), 80.0% of fruit consumers are women compared to 20.0% of consumers are women. men (P <0.001). 20% of respondents have a college level against 46.7% have a high school level, P <0.001. 86.7% of the people surveyed consume it raw, and 8.9% turn it into juice. 68.9% of the respondents consume the fruit once a week, 20.0% consume it twice a week (p <0.001). 53.4% of consumers associate Aframomum with fish, and 2.2% prefer to associate it with meat (p <0.001). These results reveal that this fruit has a water content of 70.33%. However, the lipids, the proteins, the carbohydrates and the ashes have respective contents of 4.60%, 5.80%, 15.49%, 4.50%. This study revealed that Aframomum giganteum and Aframomum alboviolaceum have a good nutrient content, deserve to be known and valued because their consumption could have beneficial effects on health by improving the nutritional status of the populations, because of its richness in proteins and minerals.

Keywords:Aframomum giganteum and Aframomum alboviolaceum food value, survey, consumption, nutritional value

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