Discourse Journal of Agriculture and Food Sciences
Volume 3 Issue 1 Page 7 - 26. May 2016

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The South African Government’s Proposed Implementation of the National Health Insurance Plan (NHI): A Disaster Waiting to Happen

Anis Mahomed Karodia

Regent Business School, Durban, Republic of South Africa


The paper looks at the proposed National Health Insurance Plan, in terms of its implementation and exorbitant costs. It poses the question as to whether South Africa is ready to implement this necessary plan in terms of universal health coverage, after years of apartheid oppression. It argues that the NHI squeeze is coming and that the plan will “not survive the legal test.”In reality there is no quick fix for the NHI. The paper places in perspective all the nuts and bolts of the NHI. The country is therefore watching the funding proposals keenly. It will further argue that the plan is a sketchy grand public health vision. It is therefore imperative that the government invests in health infrastructure development. In other words the public health system is in disarray after 21 years of democracy and that the nation has lost confidence in the government and its health department. They have to first deal with the issues that permeate the failure of the public preventive health system, which was devolved to the district levels of the public healthcare system. Universal health coverage is important and vital to South Africa but perhaps, it is not the time to implement the NHI due to various reasons which will be argued in this paper.

Keywords: Healthcare, National Health Care System, Private and Public Health Care, Implementation, Costs, Primary Health Care, Preventive Medicine

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